In some ways I feel like this website marks my public ‘coming out’ as a marketer (twenty years into my career!) Or maybe I am a (well-aged yet youthful!) debutante at this marketing ball. Either way, while I’ve always understood and believed that what I did for work was often clever, fun, interesting, and thought provoking and at the very least benign, I felt that it would be an uphill battle trying to correct misconceptions about the work I was doing. So many naughty ‘marketers’ have gone before me!

‘Marketer’ comes with strong stereotypes – similar in strength (and depth of error) to the stereotypes facing accountants, tax department auditors and even school teachers. I am much more than my profession and certainly much different than the stereotype. I am much more pensive than perky.

For years, I’ve side stepped the question, ‘so what do you do?’ when meeting new friends. I’ve said, ‘oh, I work with ‘name of organization I am working for who I respect’, or I’ve said that I work in communications, which seemed vague enough, and perhaps uninteresting to the questioner so that the topic would soon change.

If I was writing, I would talk a lot about that writing project, because being a writer was ‘good’.

If I was feeling particularly creative, I told the questioner that I had an occupation that I don’t even know existed, but wished it did – just for fun. Like lifeguard at the Great Barrier Reef — how awesome would that be? (Though I REALLY did once work as a playground designer. But I don’t expect you to believe me now.)

But alas, my name is Jen. And I am a marketer.

I work primarily with nonprofit and public organizations and have twenty years of professional experience. I am currently the Marketing Manager at CharityVillage.com РCanada’s favourite site for nonprofit professionals. I like what I do and I am proud of my work. And I look forward to helping this creative, interesting, well-intentioned organization move forward.

Please contact me for more information or follow me at @jenross

or @charityvillage. Like most adult humans, I am also on LinkedIn

Have a great day.